James A Amis

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Immobilization has been a critical element of injury treatment since ancient times. In the ninth century A.D., Arabic physicians first introduced casts by creating a paste made from lime and egg whites.1 While the technique, materials, and indications have evolved, cast immobilization continues to be a mainstay of treatment in orthopaedic care. Advances in(More)
We are currently in the process of discovering that many, if not the majority, of the non-traumatic acquired adult foot and ankle problems are caused by a singular etiology: non-neuromuscular equinus or the isolated gastrocnemius contracture. There is no question that this biomechanical association exists and in time much more will be uncovered. There are(More)
A silent gastrocnemius contracture can gradually do so much harm when left undetected and unattended. The calf is a common source of a majority of acquired, nontraumatic adult foot and ankle problems. When it comes to surgical lengthening procedures, whether at the Achilles, at the musculotendinous junction, or more proximal, the search must move on to find(More)
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