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BACKGROUND Hemophilia B, an X-linked disorder, is ideally suited for gene therapy. We investigated the use of a new gene therapy in patients with the disorder. METHODS We infused a single dose of a serotype-8-pseudotyped, self-complementary adenovirus-associated virus (AAV) vector expressing a codon-optimized human factor IX (FIX) transgene(More)
Protective protein/cathepsin A (PPCA), a lysosomal carboxypeptidase, is deficient in the neurodegenerative lysosomal disorder galactosialidosis (GS). PPCA(-/-) mice display a disease course similar to that of severe human GS, resulting in nephropathy, ataxia, and premature death. Bone marrow transplantation (BMT) in mutant animals using transgenic BM(More)
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