Jamel Ghouili

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—This paper presents system modeling, analysis, and simulation of an electric vehicle (EV) with two independent rear wheel drives. The traction control system is designed to guarantee the EV dynamics and stability when there are no differential gears. Using two in-wheel electric motors makes it possible to have torque and speed control in each wheel. This(More)
—This paper proposes a strategy to minimize the losses of an induction motor propelling and Electric Vehicle (EV). The proposed control strategy, based on a Direct Flux and Torque Control (DTC) scheme, utilizes the stator flux as control variable and the flux level is selected in accordance with torque demand of the EV to achieve the efficiency optimized(More)
—The use of an Electric Differential (ED) constitutes a technological advance in vehicle design along with the concept of more electric vehicles. EDs have the advantage of replacing loose and heavy mechanical differentials and transmissions with lighter and smaller electric motors directly coupled to the wheels via a single gear or an in-wheel motor. This(More)
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