Jameed Hussain

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Modern drug discovery organizations generate large volumes of SAR data. A promising methodology that can be used to mine this chemical data to identify novel structure-activity relationships is the matched molecular pair (MMP) methodology. However, before the full potential of the MMP methodology can be utilized, a MMP identification method that is capable(More)
Virtual screening and high-throughput screening are two major components of lead discovery within the pharmaceutical industry. In this paper we describe improvements to previously published methods for similarity searching with reduced graphs, with a particular focus on ligand-based virtual screening, and describe a novel use of reduced graphs in the(More)
Previous studies of the analysis of molecular matched pairs (MMPs) have often assumed that the effect of a substructural transformation on a molecular property is independent of the context (i.e., the local structural environment in which that transformation occurs). Experiments with large sets of hERG, solubility, and lipophilicity data demonstrate that(More)
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