Jamaluddin Mahmud

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Skin is a multi-layered and complex biological structure, which makes the largest mammalian organ. Its biomechanical behaviour is important in many applications either in medical or engineering field. This sudy aims to simulate human skin deformation based on the information and comparing the biomechanical parameter with experimental procedure developed(More)
2013 Articlesinrefereedscientificjournals 1. P.R. Adhikari and J. Hollmén. Fast progressive training of mixture models for model selection. Using simulations and data to evaluate mean sensitivity ($$) as a useful statistic in dendrochronology.linear canonical correlation for joint analysis of MEG signals from two subjects.
The hand rehabilitation approach for people who are affected by cerebral apoplexy has been a long-standing issue with researchers worldwide. Currently, scientific research has discovered a way to recover the motor function. Moreover, the sensory function can be recovered by neuroplasticity. Previously, the conventional hand rehabilitation approach only(More)
An experimental investigation into the thermoelastic technique applied on a thermoplastic material is presented. The TSA response in PEEK polymer after it has been exposed to methane at elevated temperatures was used to establish whether microscopic defects in the PEEK material can be detected using thermoelastic measurement. Utilising a combination of high(More)
Road traffic accidents, falls and assaults cases are the most frequently cited causes of head impact. Predictive of human head impact index have been developed since 1960s to help the investigation of human head injury. Approaches using finite element method can provide interesting tools for the forensic scientists and car crash evaluations to evaluate(More)
To date, there is lack of biomechanical characterisation on defensive technique (martial arts) due to the unavailability of appropriate motion tracking system that can be used to characterise the technique in quasi-training environment. Therefore, this paper presents the development of a novel low cost motion analysis system, Cekak Visual 3D v1.0 which is(More)
In skin research area particularly on the development of skin substitutes or synthetic skin, the determination of the mechanical properties of skin and hyperelastic materials has always been challenging but yet interesting to be explored. To date there is no appropriate model ideally used to denote the skin. Known as a potential skin substitute material,(More)
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