Jamal Zraqou

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The use of smart border entry systems significantly increases the reliability and efficiency of borders control measures. To deal with the increasing numbers of passengers and tighter security controls, pro-active automatic decision-making support to border control authorities is needed. Modern biometric passports, also known as ePassports, integrates an(More)
Genetic algorithms have been used extensively in solving complex solution-space search problems. However, certain problems can include multiple sub-problems in which multiple searches through distinct solution-spaces are required before the final solution combining all the sub-solutions is found. This paper presents a generic design of genetic algorithms(More)
Many applications require a careful selection of attributes or features from a much larger set of data. This attributes selection problem need to optimized. In order to tackle this problem this paper proposes a binary-real code multi-gen multi-parameter genetic algorithm for attributes selection from large seismic data and prediction of effective porosity.(More)
Human computer interaction (HCI) considered main aspect in virtual reality (VR) especially in the context of emotion, where users can interact with virtual reality through their emotions and it could be expressed in virtual reality. Last decade many researchers focused on emotion classification in order to employ emotion in interaction with virtual reality,(More)
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