Jamal Yousaf

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Ride-sharing systems should combine environmental protection (through a reduction of fossil fuel usage), socialization, and security. Encouraging people to use ride-sharing systems by satisfying their demands for safety, privacy and convenience is challenging. Most previous works on this topic have focused on finding a fixed path between the driver and the(More)
In this paper, a new technique for the implementation of MIL-STD-1553B bus protocol on FPGA board using digital phase lock loop is presented. Digital phase lock loop (DPLL) is used for data clock recovery from encoded manchester data of the channel at receiver end, instead of implementing common practice of initiating a separate clock for encoded manchester(More)
Dependence on personal automobiles is becoming increasingly costly due to accelerating climate change and rising gasoline prices. It is particularly wasteful when one realizes that most car seats are typically empty. With the advancement of mobile social networking technologies, it is necessary to reconsider the principles and desired characteristics of(More)
According to software quality models published usability is an important quality attribute to measure how usable and effective/useful is the software system. Concept of usability has been applied to improve the quality of software systems, human computer interaction, software process improvement, and software process descriptions. Over the years different(More)
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