Jamal Williams

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BACKGROUND A central tenet in biochemistry for over 50 years has held that microorganisms, plants and, more recently, certain apicomplexan parasites synthesize essential aromatic compounds via elaboration of a complete shikimic acid pathway, whereas metazoans lacking this pathway require a dietary source of these compounds. The large number of sequenced(More)
From novice to expert, almost every musician must recognize musical intervals, the perceived pitch difference between two notes, but there have not been many empirical attempts to discover an optimal teaching technique. The current study created a method for teaching identification of consonant and dissonant tone pairs. At posttest, participants increased(More)
The mental context in which we experience an event plays a fundamental role in how we organize our memories of an event (e.g. in relation to other events) and, in turn, how we retrieve those memories later. Because we use contextual representations to retrieve information pertaining to our past, processes that alter our representations of context can(More)
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