Jamal T. Manassah

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Spectral broadening of a weak 80-microJ picosecond 530-nm laser pulse in a BK-7 glass has been enhanced over the entire spectral band by the presence of an intense millijoule picosecond 1060-nm laser pulse. The spectral distributions of the self-phase modulation and the induced-phase modulation signals are similar. The dominant enhancement mechanism for the(More)
The simultaneous effects of self-focusing, self-phase modulation, and diffraction on the propagation of an ultrafast pulse in a homogeneous Kerr medium are described. The competing effects of self-focusing and diffraction are shown to modify the shape and magnitude of the pulse amplitude and phase. These modifications are shown to affect the spectral(More)
We compute, under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency, the frequency dependence of the transmission coecient and the group velocity of a probe pulse resonant with the lower transition of a three-level cascade system in the presence of a cw pump ®eld resonant with the systemÕs upper transition. We show that the presence of local ®eld(More)
A direct Young interferometric technique as a tool to determine ultrashort chirped Gaussian pulses characteristics is described: the intensity as a function of the order of the minima of the interference pattern depends on a function of the pulse characteristics. Effects related to modification of the functional forms of the shape and phase are computed,(More)