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In object-oriented paradigm, as the complexity of the software system increases, it's cost to develop and to maintain goes exponentially. This complexity emerges from the continuous evolution in the software systems to cope with changing requirements. Throughout our study we found that maintaining traceability between the evolved software processes (e.g.(More)
The effect of feedback control on the criterion for the onset of Marangoni convection in a horizontal micropolar fluid layer is studied theoretically. The upper free surface is assumed to be non-deformable and the lower boundary is taken to be rigid and isothermal with fixed temperature and span-vanishing boundaries. A linear stability analysis is used and(More)
We consider the location of paper watermarks in documents that present problems such as variable paper thickness, stain and other damage. Earlier work has shown success in exploiting a computational model of backlit image acquisition – here we enhance this approach by incorporating knowledge of surface verso features. Robustly removing recto features using(More)
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