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— Signal loss is a major problem for cellular wireless devices, resulting in dropped calls and failure in downloading data. Our research uses a combination of different interaction models to provide an easy interface to replace traditional control methods for maintaining signal levels. The lossy WiFi wave propagation around and within buildings is studied(More)
Mobile phone base station (tower) provides coverage for one or more geographical areas, known as cells. A mobile phone network is made up of a base station operating in conjunction with adjacent base stations. Base stations must be carefully located in relation to each other, so each cell in the network functions efficiently to ensure minimum interference(More)
— This paper investigates the movement of the face including eyeglasses as a new sensing modality for activity recognition. In this approach, the face has to be observed from a black and white still image. This studied addresses some limitations of the detection and recognitions that most of the researchers faced. I. INTRODUCTION ―Eyeglasses‖ have become(More)
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