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— This paper is dedicated to the stabilizability of discrete uncertain systems with exponential uncertainties. Such uncertain system are encountered in many application domains that use sampled-data controllers and communication networks. For the sake of generality, the design problem is presented in the context of switched systems. LMI robust control(More)
The presence of a communication network in a control loop induces many imperfections such as varying transmission delays, varying sampling/transmission intervals and packet loss, which can degrade the control performance significantly and can even lead to instability. Various techniques have been proposed in the literature for stability analysis and(More)
values of P (i!1) are 11 = 0:6811 and 12 = 0:0628, and the singular values of P (i! 2) are 21 = 0:3063 and 22 = 0:0450. The bounds for the modal cost functions J k are given by Theorem 8 8:1 min K 2S The same bounds hold for J 01 and J 02. To simulate the system, the plant was approximated using a semidiscrete finite element method with 10 subintervals of(More)
— A particular class of uncertain linear discrete-time periodic systems is considered. The problem of robust stabilization of real polytopic linear discrete-time periodic systems via a periodic state-feedback law is tackled here. Using additional slack variables and the periodic Lyapunov lemma, an extended sufficient condition of robust stabilization is(More)
In this paper, a suitable LaSalle principle for continuous-time linear switched systems is used to characterize invariant sets and their associated switching laws. An algorithm to determine algebraically these invariants is proposed. The main novelty of our approach is that we require no dwell time conditions on the switching laws. By not focusing on(More)
This paper deals with Networked Control Systems (NCS) design, under the constraint of limited bandwidth on the communication channel. A linear quadratic regulator for a fixed sampling period is solved and this result is used for the development of H<sub>2</sub> and H<sub>&#x221E;</sub> performance indexes, yielding to the statement and solution of(More)