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Les textes publiés dans la série des rapports de recherche HEC n'engagent que la responsabilité de leurs auteurs. La publication de ces rapports de recherche bénéficie d'une subvention du Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies. Abstract In this paper, the general problem of chemical process optimization defined by a computer(More)
This work is part of a series of investigations on pyrolysis of lignin. After obtaining the necessary information regarding the quantity and quality of the obtained products, a first step economics evaluation for converting lignin into chemicals was essential. To accomplish this aim, a pyrolysis plant with a 50t/d capacity was designed, and the total(More)
Microwave pyrolysis of lignin, an aromatic polymer byproduct from paper-pulping industry, produces char, gases, and lignin pyrolysis oil. Within the oil are valuable phenolic compounds such as phenol, guaiacol and catechol. In this work, we describe a method using switchable hydrophilicity solvents (SHS) to extract phenols as a mixture from lignin(More)
BACKGROUND Magnesium stearate (MgSt) is widely used as a lubricant in the production of tablets. However, the amount added to a formulation is often too high or it is poorly mixed, which can lead to the production of tablets whose properties are out of specifications. METHOD The objective of this work was to investigate by means of a new method based on(More)
This paper describes laboratory experiments and subsequent statistical data analysis performed to reevaluate the overall effect of soil characteristics and liquid-phase composition on the extent of pentachlorophenol (PCP) adsorption in complex soil-water systems. The PCP adsorption isotherms were first generated for eight soils of varying physical and(More)
This research project investigated the sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) oxidation of aliphatic petroleum contaminants (C10-C50) in a calcareous soil (average 5473 ppm C10-C50, 15 wt% Ca), which had been excavated from a contaminated industrial site. The decontamination objective was to lower the C10-C50 concentration to 700 ppm. CO2 acidity was used in the(More)
The effect of temperature on some hydrodynamic parameters of bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds has been investigated. Despite the fact that most of industrial fluidized bed reactors operate at relatively high temperature, the majority of studies, concerning solids behavior and hydrodynamic correlations of fluidized beds, have been done at ambient(More)