Jamal Azfar Khan

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The study was conducted between 2000 and 2003 on 750 human subjects, yielding 850 strains of staphylococci from clinical specimens (575), nasal cultures of hospitalized patients (100) and eye & nasal sources of hospital workers (50 & 125 respectively) in order to determine their epidemiology, acquisition and dissemination of resistance genes. Organisms from(More)
Malignant gliomas are the most devastating tumors in clinical practice and have poorest survival. Immunological treatment of such patients may likely increase the survival and quality of life. Dendritic cells (DCs), most potent antigen presenting cells in combination with oral chemotherapeutic agents may be tried for patients giving consent to such(More)
Gallbladder cancer has a poor outcome because of its anatomy and location. Often, the diagnosis is made very late due to its silent course. Post-operated cases do respond to chemotherapy but the survival is counted in months and the quality of life is further hampered due to toxicity of drugs. Immunotherapy holds good promise in non-responding cancers(More)
Objective: Acute Mountain Sickness is a common condition encountered at high altitude. Many treatment modalities have been used to treat it, including acetazolamide and dexamethasone. The data regarding any added benefit of combining the two drugs is scarce. Study Design: Prospective randomized controlled trials. Place and Duration of Study: To compare the(More)
We report a case of septic arthritis of multiple joints in an 18-year-old male caused by Aspergillus fumigatus. His initial presentation was of low-grade fever followed by involvement of both knee and ankle joints. Later, there was also involvement of metacarpophalangeal joints. Diagnosis was based on biopsy and culture of the skin and joint lesions. The(More)
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