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Well-defined image can assist user to identify region of interest during segmentation. However, complex medical image is usually characterized by poor tissue contrast and low background luminance. The contrast improvement can lift image visual quality, but the fundamental contrast enhancement methods often overlook the sudden jump problem. In this work, the(More)
We propose a novel system of a broadband source generation using a common soliton pulse (i.e. with center wavelength at 1.55 m) propagating within a nonlinear microring and nanoring resonators system. A system consists of a micro ring resonator system incorporating an add/drop filter, whereas the large bandwidth signals can be generated, stored and(More)
A system comprises of a W-band (75-110 GHz) optical millimeter (mm)-wave generation using microring resonators (MRRs) and radio-over-fiber (RoF) link architectures is presented for multigigabit data rates demand. The MRRs are used to generate optical mm-wave soliton pulses for W-band applications. To achieve faster transmission speed wirelessly, higher(More)
BACKGROUND A novel nanomicro syringe system was proposed for drug storage and delivery using a PANDA ring resonator and atomic buffer. A PANDA ring is a modified optical add/drop filter, named after the well known Chinese bear. In principle, the molecule/drug is trapped by the force generated by different combinations of gradient fields and scattering(More)
A system for continuous variable quantum key distribution via a wavelength router is proposed. The Kerr type of light in the nonlinear microring resonator (NMRR) induces the chaotic behavior. In this proposed system chaotic signals are generated by an optical soliton or Gaussian pulse within a NMRR system. The parameters, such as input power, MRRs radii and(More)
The spatial features of a subwavelength terahertz source are not accessible using time-integrated knife-edge (KE) techniques due to the nonseparable space-time nature of the radiated field and to systematic modifications induced by the blade itself. We show that by combining KE with a time-resolved electro-optical sampling, the space-time coupling can be(More)
In this paper, the bifurcation behavior of light in the PANDA ring resonator is investigated using the signal flow graph (SFG) method, where the optical transfer function for the through and drop ports of the PANDA Vernier system are derived. The optical nonlinear phenomena, such as bistability, Ikeda instability, and dynamics of light in the(More)
Auscultation of the heart is accompanied by both electrical activity and sound. Heart auscultation provides clues to diagnose many cardiac abnormalities. Unfortunately, detection of relevant symptoms and diagnosis based on heart sound through a stethoscope is difficult. The reason GPs find this difficult is that the heart sounds are of short duration and(More)