Jalil Ahmadian

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Individuals with lower limb amputation need a secure suspension system for their prosthetic devices. A new coupling system was developed that is capable of suspending the prosthesis. The system's safety is ensured through an acoustic alarm system. This article explains how the system works and provides an in vivo evaluation of the device with regard to(More)
In this paper optimal design of power system stabilizers (PSS) based on artificial neural network (ANN) with using linear optimal control (LOC) method are introduced and analyzed. Benefits of conventional power system stabilizer (CPSS) such as simple structure, optimizing LOC strategy and the quick response of ANN are combined in this Stabilizer. The ANN(More)
This paper is subject to present a hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy (N.F.) - P.I. fed Controller for controlling the speed of B.L.D.C. (Brush Less D.C.) motors to evolve the drives controlling performance at both transient and steady state conditions by considering a paralleled robust integral S.S.E.E. (Steady State Error Eliminator) to enrich the whole controlling(More)
Attitude control of a satellite is performed by controlling two main parameters, angular speed and altitude. An inappropriate value for each of these parameters can lead the satellite to be lost in space or fall to the earth. This paper presents altitude and speed control of geostationary satellites by means of two controllers, the first one is a PID(More)
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