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Post-traumatic carotid-cavernous fistula is an abnormal communication between the internal carotid artery in its intracavernous portion and the cavernous sinus, resulting from a tear in the arterial wall connecting the internal carotid artery with the cavernous sinus. Direct gunshot trauma is unusual. Clinically, the symptoms most often include a classic(More)
Ophthalmologic surgery is not a vital one. It mostly concerns patients in extreme ages: children and old people. The risk of anaesthesia mainly depends on the health conditions of the patient. General anaesthesia through use of intravenous drugs alters the balance of the endocrine and sympathetic systems. Tracheal airway intubation constitutes an added(More)
The studies and research on the psychopathology of delusions are extremely numerous and varied and have resulted in the construction of psychoanalytic, systemic, cognitive and other explanatory models. All the theories stress the interaction between the subject and his/her environment, in particular when an initial psychotic episode emerges. In addition to(More)
BACKGROUND Compliance with medical treatment is a public health problem. It denotes the patient's perception of the disease and the treatment prescribed by doctors. It concerns one out of two patients. It may happen to any patient at one or another. It is secondary for reasons that are numerous and modifiable in time. It results from problems related to the(More)
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