Jalel Chebil

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Digital image watermarking techniques have been developed widely in recent years to maintain the broadcasting media and content authentication, broadcast monitoring, copy control, and many other applications. Therefore, many studies have used digital image watermarking to solve these problem. This paper highlights digital image watermarking. It starts with(More)
Conversion of ECG papers into digital form is very important for both clinical and research purposes. This paper proposes some improvements to the existing digitization process by selecting appropriate image resolution during scanning and using neighborhood and median approach during the extraction and digitization of the ECG waveform. Results indicate that(More)
This paper reports the design, implementation, and evaluation of a research work for developing an automatic person identification system using hand signatures biometric. The developed automatic person identification system mainly used toolboxes provided by MATLAB environment.. In order to train and test the developed automatic person identification system,(More)
Path loss models are crucial in the planning of wireless network as they assist in interference estimations, frequency assignments and evaluation of cell parameters. This paper reports measurement results of the propagation path loss in four locations in the suburban area of Kuala Lumpur. The measured path loss at each location is extracted from the data(More)
Rotating machinery is a common class of machinery in industry. The root cause of faults in rotating machinery is often faulty rolling element bearings. These rolling element bearings wear out easily due to the metal-metal contacts and create faults in the outer race, inner race, or balls. This study compares several techniques used for monitoring bearing(More)
FPGAs provide an ideal template for run-time reconfigurable (RTR) designs. Only recently have RTR enabling design tools that bypass the traditional synthesis and bit stream generation process for FPGAs become available. Heart auscultation which is the interpretation of sounds produced by the heart is a fundamental tool in the diagnosis of heart disease. It(More)
The campaign to collect rain attenuation data on terrestrial links had commenced in Malaysian tropical climates for almost two decades. The terrestrial data so far collected have been greatly utilized to derive useful statistics for various microwave applications, such as frequency scaling, rain rate conversion factor, 1-min rain rate contour maps, wet(More)
The paper proposes a method based on signal processing correlation technique to find out whether the ECG is normal or abnormal. Many of the abnormal ECGs are called Arrhythmias. ECG (lead II) obtained from conventional ECG machine of Indian patients are digitized and the data are cross-correlated with the reference standard normal ECG data. Two different(More)
Due to the transition to digital TV (DTV); recently, many countries allow TV white spaces to be used by unlicensed devices. TV White Spaces is considered as an important step towards providing broadband access to millions of digital dividend household around the world and enabling a wide range of innovative wireless devices and services. The key challenge(More)