Jaleh Komaili

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Raja Pullela, Shahrzad Tadjpour, Dmitriy Rozenblit, William Domino, Thomas Obkircher, Mohamed El Said, Bala Ramachandran, Tirdad Sowlati, Darioush Agahi, WeiHong Chen, Dean A. Badillo, Masoud Kahrizi, Jaleh Komaili, Stephane Wloczysiak, Utku Seckin, Yun-Young Choi, Hasan Akyol, Martin Vadkerti, Amir Mahjoob, Hamid Firouzkouhi, Daniel Shum, Rajendra(More)
We study the instantaneous frequency of a signal which is formed by the summation of a sinewave and a bandlimited signal. We refer to the composite signal as a sinewave squelched or simply a squelched signal. We study the behavior of the squelched signal at its real zeros and extrema. In particular when the sinewave frequency is equal to the largest(More)
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