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OBJECTIVES To investigate the harmful health effects of taking ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, MDMA) for recreational purposes. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsycINFO and Web of Knowledge were searched. Additional information on deaths was collected from the General Mortality Register (GMR) and the Special Mortality Register collated by the(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether it is clinically effective and cost-effective to provide (i) a unilateral cochlear implant for severely to profoundly deaf people (using or not using hearing aids), and (ii) a bilateral cochlear implant for severely to profoundly deaf people with a single cochlear implant (unilateral or unilateral plus hearing aid). DATA(More)
Studies were conducted to determine hen preference for and stress response to cage type. By using a plywood (1.25 cm) test apparatus with open- and solid-sided compartments and a plexiglass divider at the entrance for controlling passage, birds (n = 20) were evaluated as to their choice of compartment after training and acclimation. For each test, after(More)
The well-being of commercial laying hens plays an important role in egg production. Behaviors such as pacing, displaced preening, increased aggression, and redirected activities have been associated with stress in poultry. This study was conducted to determine whether two strains of commercial layers, reported to differ in level of excitability, behave(More)
I have come across several new and interesting encryption methods while on researching for this report. My favorite method that I have found is quantum cryptography. Before I discuss the encryption methods, I discuss a few helpful things about encryption and decryption. According to Stallings, encryption is " the conversion of plaintext or data into(More)
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