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INTRODUCTION Dengue viral infections are among the most important mosquito-borne diseases of the Indian subcontinent and have become a major global public health concern. Spread of disease has led to increased recognition of atypical manifestations apart from the classical clinical features of dengue infection. METHODOLOGY A cross-sectional study of(More)
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND Psoriasis is a chronic immune mediated inflammatory disorder of the skin and joints. Recent studies have shown increased prevalence of traditional cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and metabolic syndrome. Since atherosclerosis and psoriasis share a common link of inflammation, different workers have(More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a multifactorial and polygenic disease, which is considered as a major life threatening problem all over the world. There has been a worldwide effort in the identification of susceptibility genes for type 2 diabetes mellitus and its complications. At present, adequate data is not available dealing with MTHFR(More)
INTRODUCTION Diabetes mellitus has been associated with an earlier onset and increased severity of urologic diseases that often result in debilitating urologic complications. Diabetic bladder dysfunction refers to a group of bladder symptoms occurring in patients with diabetes mellitus ranging from bladder over activity to impaired bladder contractility. (More)
BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is growing in an epidemic manner across the world with an expected doubling of the incidence to millions of affected individuals in the last decades. At present, adequate data are not available regarding the ACE and FABP2 polymorphisms and their susceptibility with T2DM cases in the North Indian population. Thus we(More)
Amongst the illicit drugs cocaine, amphetamines and cannabis have been studied and documented well to cause myocardial infarction by different mechanisms but there is very sparse data available on myocardial involvement after heroin abuse. We report a young man who developed acute myocardial injury after heroin inhalation and alcohol binge drinking. Heroin(More)
INTRODUCTION Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is state of carbohydrate intolerance detected first time during pregnancy. GDM represents a significant risk factor for the development of CVD in women. The degree to which women with histories of gestational diabetes are at risk for cardiovascular disease, beyond their predisposition to future diabetes, is(More)
BACKGROUND While vitamin D is critical for calcium homeostasis, current literature also highlight role of vitamin D deficiency (VDD) in diseases other than the metabolic bone disorders. Only few studies on role of vitamin D in tuberculosis have been done in Asian populations. There is paucity of literature addressing this issue in Indian population as well.(More)
AIM To compare the efficacy and safety of rapid acting insulin analog lispro given subcutaneously with that of standard low-dose intravenous regular insulin infusion protocolin patients with mild to moderate diabetic ketoacidosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this prospective, randomized and open trial, 50 consecutive patients of mild to moderate diabetic(More)