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Low frequency noise characterisation of 0.12 µm SOI CMOS technology was performed for Partially and Fully Depleted N-MOSFETs. Static performances are first presented, then we address the drain current fluctuations in both linear and saturation regimes. Taking into consideration the usually admitted 1/f noise models in MOS devices and their applicability in(More)
The TLM is a time domain numerical method used for solving a great variety of electromagnetic wave propagation problems. The space to be modeled is divided into discrete meshes. A good description of arbitrary geometry and boundaries remains a big challenge in electromagnetic modeling concerning the computer resources and simulation time. A Cartesian mesh(More)
Since we know that quantum-mechanical effects are predominant in surrounding-gate MOSFETs, a model should be developed. For the first time, this paper presents an analytic model of quantization for thin cylindrical Si-Nanowire MOSFETs by using a variational approach. The model is implemented into a surface potential like model. It is shown that results(More)
Keywords: Analysis Modeling Low-frequency noise Nanoscale MOSFETs a b s t r a c t Extensive investigation of the low-frequency noise in n-channel and p-channel MOSFETs, with high-k gate stack and channel length varying from 1.8 lm down to 26.4 nm, has been carried out. The results demonstrate that the carrier number fluctuation with correlated mobility(More)