Jalal Ashayeri

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A planning and scheduling model is developed for the onsertion-phase in printed circuit board (PCB) assembly. PCBs are manufactured by machines that mount components, such as chips, on a PCB. On an onsertor machine, a certain number of component types can be stored. These components are subsequently used for the production of a certain PCB batch type. This(More)
Purpose – This paper aims to investigate the gap between the interests in supply chain collaboration (SCC) and the relatively few recorded cases of successful applications – this is the reality of SCC. Design/methodology/approach – The research represents the viewpoints of the authors based on their collective field experiences and literature reviews.(More)
The concept of a supply chain exists for over twenty years but partners and configuration selection process still is rather unstructured. In order to increase value in any supply chain, a more comprehensive and integrative approach is required to select the right partners and establish the right configuration along the chain. Under economic growth wrong(More)
Purpose – Provide insight into the determinants or constructs that enable informally networked supply chains to operate in order to achieve improved operational performance. Design/methodology/approach – The research is based on a wide literature review, focused on the identification of dimensions of informal networking in supply chains along network(More)
This paper presents the use and extension of a geometrical-based algorithmic approach for determining the expected S/R machine cycle times, and therefore warehouse throughput, for class-based storage assignment layouts in an AS/RS. The approach was designed for the purpose of solving a practical storage assignment design problem for a major European(More)
In this article we address specific inventory management decisions with transportation cost consideration in a multi-level environment consisting of a supplier–warehouse–retailers. We develop two models – namely, decentralized ordering model and centralized ordering model to investigate the effect of collective ordering by retailers on the total inventory(More)
The importance of capacity expansion decisions to lift constraints in parts of supply chains has increased significantly in recent years due to general ever-increasing performance requirements. Within a supply chain, insufficient capacity gradually leads to deteriorating delivery performance, and as a consequence, lowers revenue and market share. However,(More)
In this article we propose an aggregate optimization approach by formulating the multi-head SMD placement optimization problem into a mixed integer program (MIP) with the variables based on batches of components. This MIP is tractable and effective in balancing workload among placement heads, minimizing the number of nozzle exchanges, and improving handling(More)