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We present a new spam filter which acts as an additional layer in the spam filtering process. This filter is based on what we call a representative vocabulary. Spam e-mails are divided into categories in which each category is represented by a set of tokens which form a representative text (RT). Tokens are strings of characters (words, sentences, or(More)
In wireless communication networks, power saving is a critical issue. Sleep mode is usually applied to save power in mobile devices; when there is no data to transmit or receive, a mobile device can switch to sleep mode periodically. Evidently, there is a trade-off between power saving and response delay, and the performance of a power saving mechanism(More)
Since histograms of many real network traces show strong evidence of mixture, this paper uses mixture distributions to model Internet traffic and applies the EM algorithm to fit the models. Making use of the fact that at each iteration of the EM algorithm the parameter increment has a positive projection on the gradient of the likelihood function, this(More)
In this paper we propose an adaptive transmission algorithm over an IEEE 802.11 WLAN that supports integrated voice and data services, where data traffic is transmitted with the Distributed Coordination Function (DCF), while voice transmission is carried out with the Point Coordination Function (PCF). The proposed algorithm defines an updating period. At(More)
This paper develops formulas to provision bandwidth for any number of high speed internet subscribers at a given probability that load exceeds available capacity. Formulas are based on Gamma models fitted to traffic loads generated over 1-sec intervals by various subscriber aggregations. We assume loads are i.i.d. and use characteristic function properties(More)