Jakub Szajman

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Short Message Service (SMS) is a popular method of non-verbal communication. So far, the majority of research has been conducted upon teenagers and young adults. In our work, we investigate the use of SMS services by middleaged users. A usability study of SMS is conducted, evaluating how effectively middle-aged users engage in SMS activities. Ease of use(More)
Many mobile applications such as email, calendar and web browser make use of smartphones technology. WiiKey, a proposed smart application, aims to extend the current smartphone capabilities to allow users to control the next generation Wi-Fi enabled devices found in some cars or home appliances. In this paper, Wi-Fi standards and their applications are(More)
Short Message Service (SMS) is a popular form of nonverbal mobile communication. To date, most research has focused upon the use of SMS by teenagers and young adults. Our work examines the use of SMS by middleaged users. We conducted a usability study evaluating the ease of use or difficulties experienced by middle-aged individuals whilst engaging in text(More)
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