Jakub Sevcech

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— In multiple studies, various implicit and explicit feedback types were used to quantify document quality and to identify user's interest in document content on both document and sub-document level. In this study we use eye movement data retrieved while reading a document to identify sections, user is most interested in. We describe multiple patterns in(More)
In this digital age, a lot of documents that people read are accessed through the Web and read on-line. There are various applications and services which enable creating bookmarks, tags, highlights and other types of annotations while reading these electronic documents. Annotations represent additional information on a particular information source and(More)
The Web 2.0 principles reflect into learning domain and provide means for interactivity and collaboration. Student activities during learning in this environment can be utilized to gather data usable for learning corpora enrichment. It is now a research issue to examine, to what extent the student crowd is reliable in delivering useful artifacts and to(More)
Nowadays we are facing the daily information overload. It is thus difficult to get exactly the information we need. It often happens that while reading, we find a word we do not understand and we would need an explanation or some additional information about this word. For this purpose annotations in the Web environment are created and attached to such(More)
The intensive research in the personalized recommendation area results into the need for the automatizing routine processes within the recommenders' design or evaluation. In this paper we propose a novel framework for evaluation and experimentation with recommenders. Proposed approach supports basic recommenders' types – content based and collaborative(More)
We often use various services for creating bookmarks, tags, highlights and other types of annotations while surfing the Web or just reading electronic documents. These annotations represent additional information on particular information source. We proposed a method for query construction to search for related documents to currently studied document. We(More)