Jakub Romanowski

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— This paper describes a novel method of image key-point descriptor indexing and comparison used to speed up the process of content-based image retrieval as the main advantage of the dictionary-based representation is faster comparison of image descriptors sets in contrast to the standard list representation. The proposed method of descriptor representation(More)
—Detection of bone area in X-ray images and methods of comparing such images on the basis on their content is still an issue which can be substantially improved. In this paper we present a new method of efficient bone identification and its description by a collection of simple geometrical shapes. The idea of this kind of bones description was to developed(More)
This paper describes a method for searching for common sets of descriptors between collections of images. The presented method operates on local interest keypoints, which are generated using the SURF algorithm. The use of a dictionary of descriptors allowed achieving good performance of the content-based image retrieval. The method can be used to initially(More)
This paper presents a concept of an object pre-classification method based on image keypoints generated by the SURF algorithm. For this purpose, the method uses keypoints histograms for image serializa-tion and next histograms tree representation to speed-up the comparison process. Presented method generates histograms for each image based on localization(More)