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Endplate preparations of the rat left hemidiaphragm were incubated with [3H]choline to label neuronal transmitter stores. Nerve evoked release of newly-synthesized [3H]acetylcholine was measured in the absence of cholinesterase inhibitors to investigate whether snake venom neurotoxins by blocking presynaptic nicotinic autoreceptors affect evoked transmitter(More)
Steroids have been found to facilitate cholinergic transmission in skeletal muscle, but possible effects in airways smooth muscles have not been studied. Therefore, choline acetyltransferase (CAT) activity, tissue content of stored acetylcholine and release of newly-synthesized [3H]acetylcholine were were measured in freshly-dissected human bronchi. All(More)
The effect of vesamicol on the ability of recycling cholinergic synaptic vesicles to recover, during a period of post-stimulation rest, the biophysical properties of the reserve pool was studied in prestimulated perfused blocks of the electric organ of the electric ray, Torpedo marmorata, a tissue rich in cholinergic synapses. The effect of the drug was(More)
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