Jakub Peksinski

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The aim of the article is to show correction possibilities of digital images, achieved by image acquisition tools built on low class CCD matrices, such as their quality were close to images achieved by high class tools. For this purpose the authors used the linear filter with 3×3 mask, which were generated with neural network.
This paper proposes a method for estimating noise based on the assumption that in the process of smoothing with median filter only noise damping takes place. Knowledge of noise damping coefficient and the selection of the appropriate area allows for more accurate estimation of the variance of the normal noise distribution.
The article presents a problem of impact of digital images' synchronization on readings of objective measures used to assess digital image quality. The authors propose a method of unifying results to ensure correlation of an objective assessment method with subjective ratings. The proposed algorithm is based on the Normalized Mean Square Error analysis(More)
The aim of the article is presenting what kind of influence an appropriate preparation of entry data in digital image processing has got upon the final results. The authors have presented it on the basis of lack of synchronization between entry data and its influence on the quality criterion Universal Image Quality Index "Q". In the article an algorithm(More)
The authors presented a new method of creating panoramic photographs. A panoramic photograph is composed of a few images taken with a camera. The authors developed and tested an algorithm to create panoramic photographs which is based on a popular index applied in evaluation of quality of digital images using a reference image - the Universal Quality Image(More)
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