Jakub Novák

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BACKGROUND Fasciola hepatica is a parasite with a significant impact on ruminant livestock production. Previous studies in north-west Europe have described its geographical distribution and determined potential predictors of fasciolosis using geographical information system (GIS) and regression modelling. In Sweden, however, information about the(More)
— CAN communication is nowadays the basic way for information exchange among the Electronic Control Units (ECUs) that control particular vehicle functionality. Correct and in-time data delivery from other units is the underlying presumption of the proper ECU function. As the CAN is rather complex standard, the detailed testing of ECU behavior is necessary(More)
The paper deals with the problem of modelling and control using the Local Model Network (LMN). The idea is based on development of multiple local models for the whole operating range of the controlled process. The local models are then smoothly connected using the validity or weighting functions to provide a nonlinear global model of the plant. For saving(More)
The combination of the automatic control theory courses, simulation verification and practical implementation of the designed controller algorithms in real-time conditions is very important for training of the control engineers. This contribution present structure and usage of Self-tuning Controllers Simulink Library (STCSL) for real time control. The STCSL(More)
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