Jakub Novák

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A major outcome of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin-signalling pathway is the transcriptional activation of a specific set of target genes. A typical feature of the transcriptional response induced by Wnt signalling is the involvement of Tcf/Lef factors that function in the nucleus as the principal mediators of signalling. Vertebrate Tcf/Lef proteins perform(More)
The correct Acknowledgments are: We are thankful to Jane Wright and Rafal Ciosk (FMI) for generously providing the transgenic lines; and Eli Knust for critically reading the manuscript; Mark Schmid and Agata Rybarska for initial strain analysis; Carrie Cowan for the cye-1(RNAi) construct; the MPI-CBG antibody and protein expression facilities for antisera(More)
The paper deals with the problem of modelling and control using the Local Model Network (LMN). The idea is based on development of multiple local models for the whole operating range of the controlled process. The local models are then smoothly connected using the validity or weighting functions to provide a nonlinear global model of the plant. For saving(More)
The combination of the automatic control theory courses, simulation verification and practical implementation of the designed controller algorithms in real-time conditions is very important for training of the control engineers. This contribution present structure and usage of Self-tuning Controllers Simulink Library (STCSL) for real time control. The STCSL(More)
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