Jakub Lipovský

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The results of previous studies have suggested that periadolescent rats are differentially affected by catecholaminergic agents, when compared with younger or adult animals. Since dopamine-opiate interactions have been demonstrated in rats, the present study was conducted to evaluate the behavioral responsivity of periadolescent and adult rats following(More)
Clostridium pasteurianum forms acetic and butyric acids in an initial growth phase, which is a typical feature of clostridial acetone-butanol fermentation where an initial accumulation of acids is followed by production of solvents 1-butanol, acetone and ethanol. The initiation of the solvent production coupled with endospore formation leads to decrease of(More)
We endeavored to develop a method for viability determination of solventogenic clostridia and to apply it for monitoring acetone–butanol–ethanol (ABE) fermentation. Six fluorescent probes (propidium iodide [PI], ethidium bromide, fluorescein diacetate, carboxyfluorescein diacetate [cFDA], rhodamine 123, bis-(1,3-dibutylbarbituric acid)trimethine oxonol(More)
The practice of using parent-child interviews to determine whether children have been sexually abused by the parent is called into question. The relevant literature is reviewed, and practical and ethical reasons for eschewing such interviews are discussed. Three case examples in which parent-child interviews were attempted or employed are described and(More)
This study is a multimethod assessment of depressive features in a sample of 60 adolescent inpatients. The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between self-report measures of depression and Rorschach variables commonly associated with depression. Patients represented a variety of diagnostic categories in order to determine whether(More)
In a sample of 65 child and adolescent psychiatric inpatients, the hypothesized relation between the Egocentricity Index from the Rorschach and standard self-report measures of self-concept was not supported. Although the sample as a group had a markedly low mean Egocentricity Index, self-reported self-concept was at a normative level. The validity of the(More)
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