Jakub Kotowski

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We present a novel incremental algorithm to compute changes to materialized views in logic databases like those used by rule-based reasoners. Such reasoners have to address the problem of changing axioms in the presence of materializations of derived atoms. Existing approaches have drawbacks: some require to generate and evaluate large transformed programs(More)
Reasoning in wikis has focused so far mostly on expressiveness and tractability and neglected related issues of updates and explanation. In this demo, we show reasoning, explanation, and incremental updates in the KiWi wiki and argue that it is a perfect match for OWL 2 RL reasoning. Explanation nicely complements the “work-in-progress” focus of wikis by(More)
This paper describes state of the art in reason maintenance with a focus on its future usage in the KiWi project. To give a bigger picture of the field, it also mentions closely related issues such as non-monotonic logic and paraconsistency. The paper is organized as follows: first, two motivating scenarios referring to semantic wikis are presented which(More)
Traditional wikis excel in collaborative work on emerging content and structure. Semantic Wikis go further by allowing users to expose knowledge in ways suitable for machine processing, e.g. using Semantic Web technologies. The combination of ease of use, support for work in progress and Semantic Web technologies makes Semantic Wikis particularly(More)
KiWi is a framework for semantic social software applications that combines the Wiki philosophy with Semantic Web technologies. Applications based on KiWi can therefore leverage i.a. reasoning and versioning to follow both aspects and even go beyond existing technologies. For example, KiWi allows composition of content items, which poses a challenge to the(More)