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This report reviews 196 episodes of klebsiella bacteremia in 194 patients during a 10-year period (1980-1989) in a community teaching hospital in the USA. The median age of patients was 70 years with a mode of 84 years. The prevalence was 0.76 episodes/1000 admissions. Nosocomial acquisition of bacteremia occurred in 43% of episodes and 16% of patients were(More)
This is an analysis of 102 cases of SIDS from retrospective studies in the Zilina and Senica districts. The incidence of SIDS in the Zilina district was 2.04/1000 (period 1969-1978) and 1.04/1000 (period 1980-1984). The incidence of SIDS in the Senica district was 0.82/1000 (period 1979-1990). According to preliminary results of the epidemiological study of(More)
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