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Much of the biogeochemical cycling research in catchments in the past 25 years has been driven by acid deposition research funding. This research has focused on vulnerable base-poor systems; catchments on alkaline lithologies have received little attention. In regions of high acid load-ings, however, even well-buffered catchments are susceptible to forest(More)
Lesni Potok stream drains a forested headwater catchment in the central Czech Republic. It was artificially acidified with hydrochloric acid (HCl) for four hours to assess the role of stream substrate in acid-neutralisation and recovery. The pH was lowered from 4.7 to 3.2. Desorption of Ca and Mg and desorption or solution of Al dominated(More)
Six dog's femurs were lengthened until complete peroneal palsy was present. Ten-24 days later MRIs of the spinal cords were normal. EMGs located lesions at the spinal foramina in five dogs and at the lumbar plexus in one. In all dogs nerve conduction below the lesions was normal and amplitudes were diminished. Muscle histology confirmed neurogenic atrophy.(More)
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