Jakub Horáček

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The objective of the present paper is to contribute to the evaluation of quantity and quality of non-humified part of soil organic matter (SoM). in samples of soil organic matter from the humus profile of Šumava forest soils and forest meadows, taxonomically designated as mor and moder forms, the fractions of labile soil carbon Ccws, Chws, CPM and fraction(More)
In CASTOR tokamak a strong radial electric field is generated by a biased electrode immersed deep inside the plasma column. If the Er is strong enough, the edge plasma parameters a relax with periodicity of about 100 μs. This phenomenon is experimentally studied by a complex system of electric and magnetic probes. Introduction Transport of plasma to the(More)
The ball-pen probe (BPP) technique is used successfully to make profile measurements of the electron temperature on the ASDEX Upgrade (Axially Symmetric Divertor Experiment), COMPASS (COMPact ASSembly), and ISTTOK (Instituto Superior Tecnico TOKamak) tokamak. The electron temperature is provided by a combination of the BPP potential (ΦBPP) and the floating(More)
We report on the design and performance of a fiber-based, multi-channel laser amplifier seed pulse distribution system. The device is designed to condition and distribute low energy laser pulses from a mode-locked oscillator to multiple, highly synchronized, high energy amplifiers integrated into a laser beamline. Critical functions such as temporal pulse(More)
We report on a broadband OPCPA system, pumped at 515 nm by frequency doubled Yb:YAG thin disk lasers. The system delivers 11.3 mJ pulses at a central wavelength of 800 nm with a spatial beam quality of M<sup>2</sup> = 1.25 and > 25% pump-to-signal conversion efficiency. The broadband pulses were demonstrated to be compressible to 12 fs using a chirped(More)
The ion saturation current and floating potential are measured with high temporal (1 μs) and spatial (2.5 mm) resolutions within the edge plasma of CASTOR tokamak by two poloidally spaced radial arrays of Langmuir probes. The radial electric field and the phase velocity of plasma fluctuations are determined. It is found that radial profiles of both of these(More)
A unique parabolic relation is observed to link skewness and kurtosis of density fluctuation signals, measured over the whole cross-section of the simple toroidal device TORPEX for a broad range of experimental conditions. This relationship is also valid for density fluctuation signals measured in the scrape-off layer of the TCV tokamak. All the probability(More)
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