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Phytochemical Diversity in Rhizomes of Three Reynoutria Species and their Antioxidant Activity Correlations Elucidated by LC-ESI-MS/MS Analysis
The rhizome of Reynoutria japonica is a well-known traditional herb (Hu zhang) used in East Asia to treat various inflammatory diseases, infections, skin diseases, scald, and hyperlipidemia. It is
COVID-19 and professional dental practice. The Polish Dental Association Working Group recommendations for procedures in dental office during an increased epidemiological risk
A brief overview of epidemiology, symptoms, and routes of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is provided, and specific recommendations of the Polish Dental Association for dental practice for screening of patients, infection control strategies, and patient management protocol are presented.
Short Implants and Conventional Implants in The Residual Maxillary Alveolar Ridge: A 36-Month Follow-Up Observation
Short implants can be successfully used to support single crowns in the lateral part of the maxilla and good results in primary and secondary stability were achieved in both systems.
The Influence of the Crown-Implant Ratio on the Crestal Bone Level and Implant Secondary Stability: 36-Month Clinical Study
Whether implant length and the crown-to-implant (C/I) ratio influence implant stability and the loss of the surrounding marginal bone and whether short implants can be used instead of sinus augmentation procedures is investigated.
Reynoutria Rhizomes as a Natural Source of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro Inhibitors–Molecular Docking and In Vitro Study
Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 main protease could prevent the replication of the virus and provide data that may explain the beneficial effects of R. japonica on COVID-19 and identify the most active compounds worthy of more extensive research.
Dentists can provide reliable shear wave elastography measurements of the stiffness of masseter muscles: A possible scenario for a faster diagnostic process.
The diagnostic accuracy of measuring masseter muscle stiffness was acceptable among dentists after the training, and the patient can be diagnosed by a single TMD specialist to shorten the diagnostic process and reduce treatment costs.
New nano-hydroxyapatite in bone defect regeneration: A histological study in rats.
Osseointegration of zirconia implants with 3 varying surface textures and a titanium implant: A histological and micro-CT study.
The results of this study suggest that zirconia implants with modified surfaces display features of osseointegration similar to those of titanium implants, which are promising in using zirConia implants for dental applications in the future.
Proanthocyanidins and Flavan-3-Ols in the Prevention and Treatment of Periodontitis—Antibacterial Effects
There is significant evidence supporting the importance of the antibacterial action exerted by proanthocyanidins from edible fruits, tea, and medicinal herbs in the inhibition of periodontitis-causing pathogens.