Jakub Gutkowski

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This paper presents the Content Aware Network designed as one of the Parallel Internets developed on Virtual Infrastructure. The CAN is a post-IP network designed to facilitate access to multimedia content in large scale environment. We introduce the proposed CAN network architecture and discuss mechanisms and algorithms required to assure ubiquitous(More)
The recent evolution of cloud services is leading to a new service transformation paradigm to accommodate network infrastructures in a cost-scalable way. In this transformation, the network constitutes the key to efficiently connect users to services and applications. In this paper we describe the deployment, validation and demonstration of the optical(More)
GTS is a new service in GÉANT that allows users to set up wide-area virtual networks via a web-based automatic provisioning system. The virtual networks are built within minutes over the underlying physical infrastructure and thus allow the researcher to carry out network experiments with great flexibility and enable rapid prototyping and innovation.(More)
Management of content servers enables to lower the probability of congestion and overload situations in the network as well as dealing with such situations if they occur. Hence the overall quality of media delivery experienced by the end users is improved. In this paper we propose an integrated system for adapting the content servers that is capable of(More)
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