Jakub Gorzynski

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25 unselected women with operable breast cancer were followed after radical mastectomy until they died of recurrent cancer (non-survivors), or for 10 years if there was no recurrence (survivors): all the women still alive at 10 years were clinically and radiographically disease-free. Survivors and non-survivors were compared with respect to premastectomy(More)
Thirty women with breast masses were evaluated psychologically and endocrinologically ten years ago while they were awaiting breast biopsy (3). Eight of these women proved to have benign fibrocystic disease and 22 had breast cancer. A significant (p < 0.05) positive correlation was found between extent of failure of psychological "defenses" and cortisol(More)
Ten patients with a diagnosis of malignant mesothelioma were assessed for history of asbestos exposure, acquisition of and reactions to risk information, smoking behavior, and feelings about their disease and the asbestos industry. Mean age was 59 years; median span of time from diagnosis to interview was 10 months. Only two of seven patients with direct(More)
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