Jakub Dutkiewicz

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In this paper we present a prototype of a system aimed at event extraction using linguistic patterns with semantic classes. The process is aided with an auxiliary tool for mapping verb statistics across messages. The sentence analyzer uses linguistic associations, based on VerbNet across the message and between messages' sentences to select semantic role(More)
In this paper we present a rule-based method of event extraction from the natural language. We use the Stanford dependency parser in order to build a relation graph of elements from input text. This structure along with serialized extraction frames is converted into a set of facts. We describe a process of creation of application of rules, which aims to(More)
This paper describes the medical information retrieval systems designed by the Poznan University of Technology of for clinical decision support CDS) which were submitted to the TREC 2016. The baseline is the Terrier DPH Bo1 which recently has been shown to be the most effective Terrier option. We also used Mesh query expansion, word2vec query expansion, and(More)
Agent-based simulation is a useful tool in terms of assessing human behaviour under the criminal law. We developed a street robbery scenario generator with elements of a criminal law expert system to provide a tool for better understanding complex criminal matters. 1 Introduction In this work we use an expert agent system in which two agents interact in a(More)
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