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The authors report their experience with 31 hypoglosso-facial anastomoses mainly carried out after removal of tumours of the cerebello-pontine angle, 26 were available for evaluation: at 18 months there were 5 of grade II, 19 of grade IV and 2 of grade V. Only one patient was dissatisfied with the result. 24 of the patients had received their(More)
For many years, the retrolabyrinthine approach has been limited to functional surgery of the cerebellopontine angle (CPA). As a result of the increased surgical exposure, particularly the opening of the internal auditory meatus (IAM), the widened retrolabyrinthine technique permits tumor excision from both the CPA and the IAM, regardless of the histological(More)
The authors, on the basis of 140 cases, analyze the bacterial flora of essentially chronic rhino-sinusitis observed in hospital consultations at the Pellegrin Hospital, the referral centre of the Aquitaine region. Samples taken in the operating theatre from 100 cases, by aspiration and mucosal biopsy, were studied in aerobic and anaerobic media. The results(More)
This paper describes the medical information retrieval systems designed by the Poznan University of Technology of for clinical decision support CDS) which were submitted to the TREC 2016. The baseline is the Terrier DPH Bo1 which recently has been shown to be the most effective Terrier option. We also used Mesh query expansion, word2vec query expansion, and(More)
In this paper we present a prototype of a system aimed at event extraction using linguistic patterns with semantic classes. The process is aided with an auxiliary tool for mapping verb statistics across messages. The sentence analyzer uses linguistic associations, based on VerbNet across the message and between messages' sentences to select semantic role(More)
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and pulmonary function tests were carried out in 22 patients with chronic, extrinsic allergic alveolitis. In all a marked decrease of diffusion capacity was observed. The mean DLCO values was 34% predicted value. In 94% of the patients compliance was lowered. More pronounced abnormalities of pulmonary function (decrease of TLC(More)
A series of 39 patients with problems of deglutition after total laryngectomy was studied by X-ray screening and manometry. The importance of the retropulsive movement of the tongue on the quality of deglutition has been demonstrated, as has the function of the superior oesophageal constrictor, the effect of a reduced relaxation time, and of the force of(More)