Jakub Dolezal

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Advances in voice-recognition platforms have led to new possibilities in deploying automated voice-interactive engines for Web content. We present Voice2Web, an architecture allowing to manage access to the resources of the World Wide Web using voice interaction. It rests on the VoiceXML standard and enables rapid composition of dynamic services querying(More)
Understanding how antibiotics inhibit bacteria can help to reduce antibiotic use and hence avoid antimicrobial resistance – yet few theoretical models exist for bacterial growth inhibition by a clinically relevant antibiotic treatment regimen. In particular, in the clinic, antibiotic treatment is time dependent. Here, we use a recently-developed model to(More)
—Mobile voice-assisted services are currently experiencing strong growth. However, occasionally low real-time quality of service within mobile networks could have significant negative impact on quality of experience of users interacting with automated voice services. Latency may grow to unacceptable levels and speech recognition and synthesis might suffer.(More)
—With the advances in voice recognition and synthesis , voice-interactive applications are reaching the mass mobile market. However, creating, deploying or managing context-rich voice-driven applications is complicated due to the scattered and highly diverse nature of specific pieces of software, tools and skills required for a complete system solution. To(More)
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