Jakub Ceglarek

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The properties of nucleic acid-protein complexes in polyacrylamide gels and in solution have been compared. Transcription by RNA polymerase from a lac DNA template within a gel yields products which are the same as those obtained in solution. Likewise the dissociation rates of DNA-protein complexes in a gel are found to be identical to the solution values.(More)
The use of gel electrophoresis in studies of nucleic acid-protein (especially DNA-protein) interactions has yielded much qualitative and quantitative information about a variety of such systems. The reduction in mobility of complexes relative to free DNA allows isolation and characterization of the complexes as well as determination of thermodynamic and(More)
— The soil surface roughness is one of the most susceptible to variation in time and space characteristic, and depends on many variables like cultivation practices or soil aggregation. Various indices are used for its quantification, in microscale soil roughness is commonly expressed by HSD calculated from DEM of small sample area. The source of DEM can be(More)
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