Jakub Šedivý

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The relationship between the volume of distribution, assessed according to the two-compartmental pharmacokinetic model, and extracellular water estimated by bioimpedance was studied in mechanically ventilated patients with sepsis and capillary leak. A prospective observational study was performed in a twenty-bed general intensive care unit in the university(More)
It has been suggested that cyclosporin A (CsA) nephrotoxicity can be reduced by the concomitant administration of omega-3 fatty acids or vitamin E. The present study was designed to establish whether the effect of the above substances can also be demonstrated in rats with hereditary hypertriglyceridemia (HTG) whose sensitivity to the nephrotoxic effect is(More)
The prospective study included 54 asymptomatic high-risk patients who underwent coronary CT angiography (CTA) and regadenoson-induced stress CT perfusion (rsCTP). Diagnostic accuracy of significant stenosis (≥50%) determination was evaluated for CTA alone and CTA + rsCTP in 27 patients referred to ICA due to the positive rsCTP findings. Combined evaluation(More)
For the quantitative evaluation of myocardial damage induced by isoprenaline (ISO) a method based on the uptake of203Hg-labelled Mercurascan (MSC) in the heart was used. The increase of myocardial uptake of MSC in ISO-treated rats over control values was very rapid and might be directly proportional to the number of damaged myocardial cells actually present(More)
The study deals with the development of increased resistance of the rat myocardium to ISO-induced injury after pretreatment with the same drug. Reduced sensitivity already developed after the first dose of ISO, whose effect was only slightly increased by subsequent repeated doses. The development of myocardial injury was completed significantly sooner in(More)
The development of heart lesions induced by isoprenaline (ISO) was quantitatively evaluated by 203Hg-Mercurascan (MSC) which was taken up and retained in the damaged cells. After the administration of ISO, the MSC uptake increased immediately at a constant rate, which was independent of the dose of ISO. A higher cardiotoxic effect of increased doses of ISO(More)
Experimental chronic renal insufficiency (produced by 5/6 ablation of renal parenchyma) is associated with changes in the kinetics of oral (intragastric) cyclosporine A (CyA). Compared with animals with intact renal parenchyma, significantly lower levels of CyA are reached under these conditions. The factors resonsible for reduced CyA availability under(More)
OBJECTIVE This is an experimental work designed to determine, using the isolated perfused rat heart, the effect of the ultra-short acting beta-blocker esmolol on cardiac arrest and cardiac function recovery following esmolol withdrawal. METHODS Changes in heart rate, coronary flow, diastolic pressure and the rate pressure product were evaluated on the(More)