Jakob T. Ostien

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At the completion of the fuel drying process, used fuel Zry4 cladding typically exhibits a significant population of d-hydride inclusions. These inclusions are in the form of small platelets that are generally oriented both circumferentially and radially within the cladding material. There is concern that radiallyoriented hydride inclusions may weaken the(More)
The fully coupled diffusion-deformation processes occurring within porous geomaterials, such as sand, clay and rock, are of interest to numerous geotechnical engineering applications. In this work, a stabilized enhanced strain finite element procedure for poromechanics is integrated with an elasto-plastic cap model to simulate the associative and(More)
Albany is a multiphysics code constructed by assembling a set of reusable, general components. It is an implicit, unstructured grid finite element code that hosts a set of advanced features that are readily combined within a single analysis run. Albany uses template-based generic programming methods to provide extensibility and flexibility; it employs a(More)
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