Jakob Sternby

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After a long period of focus on western and Asian scripts there is now a general trend in the on-line handwriting recognition community to explore recognition of other scripts such as Arabic and various Indic scripts. One difficulty with the Arabic script is the number and position of diacritic marks associated to Arabic characters. This paper explores the(More)
The on-line isolated character recognition problem is in many respects a mature research area with several industrial applications. When it comes to on-line cursive word recognition progress has been much slower. One of the obstacles refraining simple extension of the validated single character recognition methods to cursive word recognition is the fact(More)
Prototype matching strategies such as DP-matching are powerful methods for character recognition problems with very large number of classes such as on-line Chinese character recognition. As for many problems with a large number of classes data is normally comparatively scarce for on-line Chinese characters and therefore prototype selection methods for use(More)
Unsupervised classification is a very common problem in pattern recognition even when the classes are known. In many areas intra-class variations may be greater than the inter-class variations causing a need for a subdivision of the training set of a class into smaller subunits often referred to as clusters. The subdivision or clustering is often performed(More)
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