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Password policies were originally designed to make users pick stronger passwords. However, research has shown that they often fail to achieve this goal. In a systematic audit of the top 100 web sites in Germany, we explore if diversity in current real-world password policies prevents password reuse. We found that this is not the case: we are the first to(More)
Neolexon is an app for self-paced language training for patients suffering from aphasia. Auditory and reading comprehension as well as oral and written naming tasks are the most common types of exercises in aphasia therapy. For best effects, the exercises must be repeated with high frequency, and they must be adapted to the specific requirements of each(More)
The potential of laser photofragment spectroscopy (LPS) for the detection and discrimination of nitrosamines, alkyl nitrites, thionitrites and C-nitroso compounds has been evaluated. The technique combines high sensitivity with the dramatic specificity of high-resolution spectroscopy and utilizes pulsed laser photodissociation with synchronized detection of(More)
Hydrolysis of beer peptides and proteins by both mild enzymatic and vigorous alkaline conditions has established that peptide-bound N-nitrosoproline residues are not present in beer in significant quantities. Free N-nitrosoproline remains the single most abundant identified N-nitroso compound, and this accounts for up to 10% of the apparent total N-nitroso(More)
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