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Intraspinal drug delivery provides agents directly to their site of action. These sites, receptors within the spinal cord, are bound to a greater degree when drugs are administered intraspinally. The purpose for drug therapy, the acute or chronic nature of delivery, and the drug administration system affect the choice of epidural versus intrathecal route of(More)
A simple and inexpensive methodology is reported for the conversion of alkenes to 1,2-dibromo alkanes via oxidative bromination using HBr paired with dimethyl sulfoxide, which serves as the oxidant as well as cosolvent. The substrate scope includes 21 olefins brominated in good to excellent yields. Three of six styrene derivatives yielded bromohydrins under(More)
Directed remote aromatic metalations are useful synthetic transformations allowing for rapid regioselective access to elaborate highly substituted carbocyclic aromatic and heteroaromatic systems. This review unravels the tangle of data reported on directed remote aromatic metalations. Through a careful analysis of critically selected examples, advanced(More)
A series of functionalized coumarins were synthesized and evaluated for their capacity to inhibit the resistance to starvation of pancreatic cancer cells. This form of cytotoxicity, termed 'antiausterity' activity, was evaluated using a preferential cytotoxicity assay that compared cell survival in nutrient poor and nutrient rich conditions. Six of the(More)
The emerging "anti-austerity" anti-cancer therapeutic strategy targets the ability of certain cancer cell lines, particularly pancreatic cancer, to survive nutrient deprivation. While biochemical pathways for the tolerance to nutrient deprivation are still not well understood, a growing number of inhibitors of this process are being discovered. A number of(More)
The nonspecific disorder cerebral edema is potentially a life-threatening complication of cancer and its treatment. Oncology nurses proficient in neurologic assessment can detect subtle changes and identify early stages of cerebral edema. When cerebral edema is suspected, oncology nurses must administer medications, manage side effects associated with these(More)
A series of nineteen benzimidazoles are prepared from ortho-nitroanilines via one-pot transfer hydrogenation, condensation, and dehydrogenation enabled by the concurrent use of two heterogeneous catalysts: montmorillonite-K10 and Pd/C. This strategy is further employed to accomplish a five-step, three-component synthesis of an antifungal(More)
Pyrroles, indoles, and surprisingly, indolines, when equipped with a pendant malonyl group on the nitrogen atom, were effective substrates in a Mn(III)-mediated oxidative cyclization reaction, yielding the 1,2-annulated products in good to excellent yields. When indole acetonitrile was used as a substrate this method provided a rapid synthesis of a(More)