Jakob Krainz

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The activity of the tyrosine hydroxylase, the enzyme which is diminished in the brains of Parkinson patients, has been measured in cultured PC 12 rat phaeochromocytoma cells. In the same way dopamine content in the medium after incubating these cells with or without NADH was assayed. The experiment shows that NADH is able to increase the activity of the(More)
We introduce our major ideas of a wait-free, linearizable, and disjoint access parallel NCAS library, called rtNCAS. It focuses the construction of wait-free data structure operations (DSO) in real-time circumstances. rtNCAS is able to conditionally swap multiple independent words (NCAS) in an atomic manner. It allows us, furthermore, to implement arbitrary(More)
A wide range of optimizations and program analyses, including bug finding by means of escape or race analyses, need accurate pointer information. Since accuracy takes time, there is a need for a fast incremental pointer analysis that re-uses prior results and only re-analyzes program changes and their effects instead of the whole program. We present such(More)
Most of the real-time applicable dynamic storage allocators rely on conventional locking strategies for protecting globally accessible data. But it is common that lock compositions do not scale well under high allocation and dealloca-tion rates in parallel scenarios, as they lead to convoy effects. Furthermore, lock compositions lead to jitter, which is(More)
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