Jakob Hesse

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We report here an approach for simultaneous fluorescence imaging and electrical recording of single ion channels in planar bilayer membranes. As a test case, fluorescently labeled (Cy3 and Cy5) gramicidin derivatives were imaged at the single-molecule level using far-field illumination and cooled CCD camera detection. Gramicidin monomers were observed to(More)
This paper discusses the Akshaya E-Government project. The paper uses general concepts borrowed from actor network theory to discuss the ongoing negotiation that shapes E-Government projects. We aim at shedding light on the importance of the dynamic interactions that shape the impact of ICT on government polices. In particular, we show that the nature of(More)
We report here the development of a method for holding the focal plane in a fluorescence-based biochip scanner. The fast read-out of large (multiple cm(2)) glass slides as used in modern chip technology imposes severe constraints on the focal system. The limited focal depth of high-NA objectives together with the demand for single-molecule sensitivity(More)
The modulation transfer function (MTF) and the geometric errors of two flatbed scanners, a slow-scan CCD (SSC) camera and film, have been measured and compared. The geometric errors of the SSC camera and film have been measured using diffraction spots from a lipid crystal. The SSC camera was shown to have the smallest geometric errors while film had the(More)
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