Jakob Haahr Taankvist

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Verification of closed timed models by explicit state-space exploration methods is an alternative to the wide-spread symbolic techniques based on difference bound matrices (DBMs). A few experiments found in the literature confirm that for the reachability analysis of timed automata explicit techniques can compete with DBM-based algorithms, at least for(More)
Timed analysis of real-time systems can be performed using continuous (symbolic) or discrete (explicit) techniques. The explicit state-space exploration can be considerably faster for models with moderately small constants, however, at the expense of high memory consumption. In the setting of timed-arc Petri nets, we explore new data structures for lowering(More)
In a series of contributions Olderog et al. have formulated and verified safety controllers for a number of lane-maneuvers on multilane roads. Their work is characterized by great clarity and elegance partly due to the introduction of a special-purpose Multi-Lane Spatial Logic. In this paper, we want to illustrate the potential of current modelchecking(More)
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